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December 8, 2011

My mother the ship

You silly bitch, daring.
all your lies, we flung ourselves our like
dandilion puffs from you,
Texas, Jakarta, Maryland.

We see you in screaming fits in nightmares, that thin overbleached little ponytail mocking style like it had a better Idea, bobbing in outdated stupididty.
Large, penduloius breasts swinging inside cheap men's shits, devoid of the sweat of work.

I remember pills in our food: that horrible crock-pot
.being sent to step over dead goats on 2 acers of worthless land
YOu drinking constantly under the lie that it was good for your kidneys
I can't relive your husband. he's dead, silly man.
you put me in his bed to rub his"feet".
I left you
i lied to you I ran.

Happy holidays. I am your worst fear.
a witch
When I die, i'll choose, not you.

Silly bitch.
You hang in so small, so delicate a balance.

Merry Christmas.

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