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December 11, 2011

every night, yo.

i get home at four Am.
Off work by 2:50, go to Beatnix for foods with Kash and matt.Say hello to the people I love, girls with wild hair, boy musicians in sweaters. The semiusual thing now. I eat my cheeseburger. I allow myself one, just every now and then.
Strip of jacket, jeans, sweater, bra. All smell of smoke and a hundred peoples drunk evening.I'm exhausted.
I Think of yoga, but don't, I can't feel awake enough to do that. I kiss my cat, turn on my computer, plod to the bathroom and wash my face. I can't not do this, wash and moisturize. Face. Under-eyes, shoulders, breasts. My skin has a lovely gold, smooth hue. I want to keep it.h
Michelle sleeps like the dead as I plod back, and , switching out the light, take Lyrica and Flexeral by the light of my Toshiba. This is my evening, 4 nights a week.
I am Tired to my core. I love you. Good night

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