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December 2, 2011


What do you do when your body wages war against it's self

What if you mind has always done so

How do you cope because your own fear of failure
cripples you under a table.

I'm broken down but I'm praying my true nature

Blows out of me bright light christmas lights in a cold ghetto
I hope I can hold on a little while, not blow the people I love away from me
it's been locked in here to long, this bit of my soul
while i drink and flirt and smile
I'm older than I let on
So much character work,
so much stoic bullshit
It's important to make money
so I do it. I don't hate it.
I give away smiles and laughter, and listen
but this little box inside.
My soul pinched away. I'll keep that, thank you
Because as my body breaks and

my mind slips
like sand to the bottom of a hill after a rain
I will still have those brightly coloured lights inside me

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