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November 4, 2011

Well,That Was Stupid.

The following was written while I was still really sedated at the ICU . Things are slightly different now, and I'm sorry if I haven't communicated with people exactly what's going on on all fronts but, hey, It's my shit. I Stopped breathing twice, almost died, and my world exploded a little. Pardon some of the sub-par spelling,and I want to say thank you, THANK YOU to my friends that I talked to while I was exploding in pain . I really needed you guys.
I'll update this later.


don't remember any of the 1s of novemver. The pain was so bad on halloween night, that I was,frantic,
Almost insane. If I didn't have dear friends, one in particular, I would be taking a
dirt nap..It seems like There were drug interactions and, yea, I may have taken too many in my pain stuper and stopped breathing. Fortunately, one of my friends called the EMS.I barely remember being intabaited, just the feeling of cold something being jammed down my throught. My mouth is shredded.
Im talking to you while sitting on th ICU cot. All of my friends are at
work,,and Im forced to wait for my partners mother, who Im SURE hates me,for god knows what reason reason.
Who needs one. I have to change how I and where I live now. I can't stay where I know My partners mother loathes me, so I have to look at moving. Fun, yea? As for HOW I live? Hey. I take my meds, i don't over work much and GUESS WHAT. I am no going to stop going. I'v got books to write,people to love, and things to say. Pain or know, Im GONNA kick lifes ass until i cant move my body any more.

ing me i had the balls
to fight through all this. THANK YOU for never letting me get away wirh kicking my pwn asa.
Thank you jeff for listening, knowing and understanding everything that I was going through. I couldn't of done any of this isn't you I love you and I turn off th

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