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September 3, 2011


In 2006 I left MO. for texas to take care of my grandmother.
She was sick and old, and I was young and restless and lovingly trapped in her home.I watched her. Tired and old and judgmental.THe days were long, and filled with cooking, washing things and bringing medication..watching CNN and at long last when she was asleep, going out for a drink.
I took care of her during the day, and bar-tened all night. I was exausted but happy.I met a guy,
I moved to Portland.
Portland ran her course.

In 2011, I'm back. I stay with my friend. We stare at each other across blue-green water filled with leaves in the hot September sun, and turn browner. I am still restless. He feels older than he is, and Has eyes like a wolf who's been locked up too long. I've never been locked up and mine glow like green glass cat's eyes.I feel younger than my body. (I dare you!)

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