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September 18, 2011

A brief overview of yours truely.

I thought I'd give you an actual update on me, who I am, ect. It's occurred to me that I have a fair number of readers who DON'T acually know me personally. That's pretty cool.Hi. How's it going? I'm 27 years old, and I've recently re-located to Waco, Texas from Portland, Oregon. Not because Texas is all that fantastic, but because I genuinely love the people here. I reside currently, cautiously, with a dear friend whom I'm also Involved with, as well as 1, sometimes 2 dogs, (one who is obsessed with putting his nose in my buttcrack),and a black cat who has a predilection towards screaming loudly. I have Primary Progressive Multiple sclerosis ( as well as Trigeminal neuralgia. The diagnosis was in May, and I went through a fun period of suicidal bullshit,tests, and medication that did more harm than good. I've probably had both for several years, but went way the fuck out of my way to ignore everything, and chalk it up to something else. Shit, I was diagnose improperly with Fibromyalgia, just like a billion other people every year.

I'm Bisexual. That's just the way it is.I'm 5'2, I have a mohawk, not because I have any ties to the punk community at all, just because, fuck it, I like my head partially shaved and hate cultural norms with an undying passion. I'm hesitant to say anything about what I believe on a socialopolitical level, but in short, the systems in place areclearly broken, and I belong to neither party. I have no religious beliefs as such,but I think it's imprudent to forget the Old Gods, that The twelvefold path makes sense, and that LSD may let people see between the cracks in out day to day view of the world. Maybe I'm crazy, but then, maybe so are a lot of people. That's just how I see things. If you see me out, I'm the short, tan woman with the shaven hair, glitter on her face, mismached jewlery, and clothes that look like they belong on an oddly fashionable person who stumbled into a goodwill blind and naked. Say Hi. Enjoy your Sunday. <3, Desiree

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