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August 31, 2011

It's not you, it's me. And everybody knows

I loved you, Portland, but I don't think you me loved quite so much.
I'll miss the food, my friends with their big bold ideas and fingers white knuckle grasping at success while drinking local micro-brews. I'll miss The color green, always pervasive even in October. I'll miss your Saurday market, accidentally eating tinfoil, My dear friend Daniel and his vintage store where I help him and he helped me and we knew everything about each other.
I'll Miss long trips to wherever we chose with Kyle,talking food and politics.long bike rides to everywhere,bulldozers, some things in my life will forever be preserved in beautiful rooms in my mind, rooms open to be revisited when life is hell. I'll miss the boys in band, the food carts, Powells,I'll really miss Bunk and Spirit of 77. I'll miss you, Jaz, even though things went south.
The Portland portion of my life has been lovely, but I have to move on .
I'm not coming back. Not now. I'm sorry. I need to be where its hot, where my friends are, my past is colliding with my future. I need to feel SAFE, and changed and Texas is where I've chosen to be.
I love you Portland people,You're not like everyone else.


Anonymous said...

I find it fitting that I saw this coming from 2,096 miles away, beginning from the last time I saw your face in person. Wish my goodbye could have been sweeter. These are the days where I prepare for one sad event and then another with plenty of acuity ready in advance. Fully prepared for the inevitable outcome predicted miles before we reach our destination. Willing and waiting for the eventual outcome, I'm prepared.

I'll miss you.

Mar Mar

Trinity said...

Oh i see i dont get missed huh

FringeVintagePDX said...

I want my notebook...


Dez said...

TRinity, You know miss you, and I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye the right way. I love you! daniel, I'll mail you your notebook soon.