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April 24, 2011

Vous avez mangé mon cœur, et je n'ai aucun regret.

I'm listening to the Doors, and mildly obsessing over a posing thing I'm doing for Dr. Sketchy's tonight.I'm in good shape,really, and I know that but nothing makes me feel as crazy as knowing I'll be holding poses in my underpants and a set of wings while a woman whom I know hates me will likely be one of the artists in the audience. I think wine may be in order.
The last few days have been great and confusing in equal quantities. There's a sense of floating I'm feeling, and it's not uncomfortable. Spring finally showed up yesterday, so I started it with a bike ride to anywhere I wanted, and ended it with a few drinks on the roof of a friends store and a fractured discussion of the multifaceted nature of life and relationships.Sometimes that's all I need.

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