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April 11, 2011


Now, I'm a lady/woman/girl person, who does and reads some lady/woman/girl things. I know how to wax anything on my body,what color my hair should actually be in nature, and I know that clothes should like, match, and neat stuff like that. I'm hip, right? Well, I also have this auto-shuttoff for fashion buzz-words, and assorted shit we're supposed to buy. I mean, it's terrible. Today, I head the lady buzzword "Vajazzle" for the 100th time, so I Youtubed it.
Ladies and gents, this VaJazzling business is quite literally yanking all the hair out of your Ladyplace, (okay, fine, NBD)and then using an adhesive(???!?) to secure a Shitton of little rhinestones all over you Map of Tasmainia. WHAT the Fuck. Now, i'm all about body mods, and shiny pretty stuff, and I like to keep a pretty twat, but, I dunno.. maybe the Idea of getting GLUE around where my clit lives is FUCKING HORRIBLE. I like that my boyfriend doesn't have to fight his way through a disco ball down there. I mean, ouch?
I gave you a link too, in case you want a glassy hookeresque box. Your welcome.


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The first blog thing I read about this had the comment "I don't know about you guys, but my vagina is on the inside."