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September 24, 2010


Man,do I have a story to tell you.
I'm on Vicodin at the moment,and a tad faded, so bear with me.
Kyle and I went out to some BFE remote part of Washington state last night,following getting plowed with a Texan at a fairly cute little bar in hood river. Hood river as a town, but the way...? yea.. REALLY pedestrian. Bad breakfast food.Lotsa geezers. Back on point.
We're in the middle of no-where,when we see a house being built.One drunk thing leads to another drunk thing,and suddenly I'm IN the bulldozer, and it's on. Somehow, the damned key I turned it on with(good job leaving that IN the bulldozer,whoever!)won'tturn off the damned thing, so Kyle's drunk reptile brain is all like "OMFG, run!!! I'm not so sure as to why,but we do just that in the wet dark of a strange place at three Am.I step in a hole while running ang fuck my foot up.
This night ends with me at the ER in hood river.
I'm writing a VERY unpleasant letter to the Hood river Providence branch,by the way. I'll explain that fiasco later.
In conclusion: I do dumb things, but I have a damned good time.
Now, I have to finish reading Alt/text, uploading too many pictures, and watching "Invasion".
Also, anybody know WTF happened to Jonathan Frakes? just wondering. I miss him and his beard.


poeticajasmine said...

no such thing as too many pictures, for the record.

Lacy said...

I do some of this as well and kinda hate it actually...I hate that I have been in enough high stress/dangerous situations that I do these things with no second thought...I wish life were different sometimes but then I guess it would be boring...