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December 30, 2009

An object in motion..

It's 1:30 AM.
I dunno if the PMS fairy is beating me with a stick, or if I'm just having one of my fits of insanity,maybe it's that i'm watching Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, but Jesus on a pogo stick, am i depressive.
This year is wrapping up, and I'm rehashing relationships in my head.
It's an illness.where I really want to be right now is walking downtown back home with friends. I'm in no mood to sleep. i wish someone was awake that really knew me and wasn't 2000 miles away so i could walk with them and just not say. anything.My brain's in motion and i believe it intends to stay that way, folks.
I'm branching out and away this year. i have to, like my crazy blob of a brain, stay in motion.

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